Practice Integrated Sustainable Design with BIM

This will be an introduction of integrating Building Information Modeling and sustainability, which encompasses these two technologies to create environmentally friendly design through a streamlined process. The course goes beyond theory to lead towards the implementation of Green BIM into projects. The course includes comprehensive reference features, practical strategies, techniques, and expertise so that you can implement into sustainable BIM projects, no matter what their scale. The course will span from basic concepts, to sophisticated test methodologies, to improved workflows, offering a wealth of information you can implement immediately.


  • Learn why BIM is foundation tool for sustainability
  • Understand when, why, and how to evaluate the impact of green resources on your projects
  • Understand Building Information Modeling, from concept to construction and beyond
  • Optimize the use 3D geometric models instead of 2D CAD designs
  • Implementing sustainability into the design process, leveraging free environmental resources
  • Use a BIM model to identify material quantities and to figure upstream impacts and downstream consequences
  • Use new workflows that integrate the entire design team and emphasize green solutions from the beginning

Topics for Discussion

  • Introducing Green
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Integrated Design Teams
  • Methodology for Sustainable Solutions
  • Sustainable BIM: Building Form
  • Sustainable BIM: Building Systems
  • The Future of BIM and Sustainable Design